1. Reservation Information:
    a.) Park Office hours are Monday – Friday from 8AM to 4:30PM, except holidays
    b). Park Office phone number is 838-4389 FAX is 838-4387
  2. Signs are posted when shelter s have been reserved. Shelters that have been reserved are only available to the renter on that day.
  3. Firearms, fireworks, explosives, bows and arrows, pellet guns, BB guns, slingshots, or other dangerous weapons are NOT permitted within Lafreniere Park.
  4. No signs, advertisements, circulars, banners, etc. allowed without permission from Park Management. Any directional signs posted for picnics, etc. must be removed immediately after the event ends.
  5. Motorized models such as miniature planes and rockets to include unmanned aircraft systems (Drones) are not permitted for any reason. Gas powered boats are not allowed in the lagoon.
  6. No person shall sell or offer to sell anything, including alcoholic beverages, concessions, or operate games of chance without written permission from Park Management and display of proper permits, for same.
  7. No swimming in the Lagoon.
  8. No personal water craft allowed in the Lagoon.
  9. No soliciting of any type allowed.
  10. No overnight camping allowed.
  11. Frying/boiling any food, will not be allowed in the park. Seafood boiling is only allowed by a registered caterer with a self-contained boiling unit. This unit must remain in designated parking lots. Water must be removed from the Park. If seafood is to be consumed in the Park, there is a $50.00 fee. The $50.00 seafood fee is per facility reserved. Must reserve shelter to have caterer.
  12. Gates open at 5:00 AM and close at 9:45 PM
  13. No motorized vehicles on ANY bridge in the Park without prior written approval from Park Management.
  14. A Special risk insurance policy is required for spacewalks and/or other such apparatus in the Park. The policy must be on file in the Park Office five days in advance. Contact the Park Office for permission and details for spacewalks. Must reserve shelter to have spacewalk.
  15. Carnival rides are NOT permitted in Lafreniere Park.
  16. Bands/music must adhere to the Parish and Park Policy.
  17. No metal detectors are allowed in the Park without written permission from Park Management.
  18. All dogs must be on a six foot leash. Horses or live animal rides (ponies, etc.) are not allowed in the Park.
  19. Observe 20 M.P.H. speed limit at all times – violators will be ticketed.
  20. No parking/driving on grass. Use assigned parking lots. This applies to port-o-lets, caterer’s trailers, etc., as they must be placed in parking areas.
  21. Hot coals from BBQ pits are not to be dumped on grass or in trash cans.
  22. Fishing is allowed in Lafreniere Park in all areas Except Marsh Island Walkway and all bridges. Check with the Park Ranger or Park Office for rules regarding fishing.
  23. Do not move tables, benches, or trash can holders from sites or shelters.
  24. No golfing in Lafreniere Park.
  25. Keep Lafreniere Park clean. No littering or dumping allowed. Glass containers are not allowed.
  26. Vandalism of Park property will not be tolerated. Please report violations to Park Ranger or Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Police Detail Officer. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  27. The power source for all Park facilities is a 13,800 volt direct burial cable which circumvents the lagoon, island areas, etc. As a result of this network of power supply lines, any requests for tents, canopies, etc. for any event must be approved in writing by Park Management. All tents, canopies, etc. must be located in approved areas. Failure to comply or regard this warning could result in serious injury or death.
  28. Water play equipment such as slip and slides, portable pools, etc. are not allowed.
  29. Lafreniere Park reserves the right to add or delete any rule or regulation which enhances the safety and protection of Park visitors and property. If you have any questions concerning these policies, please consult the Ranger or the Park Office for assistance.

(Download Rules and Regulations as PDF)