2013 Park Map

The latest Lafreniere Park map of facilities can be downloaded here as a PDF file.

Ball Fields

The ball fields also serve many recreational functions such as, football, baseball, softball, Frisbee and kite flying. Two of these fields have back stops.

Bark Park

Opened in January 2012, this five (5) acre park is sectioned into two areas - one for large dogs and one for dogs 22 lbs and under. Hours of Operation: Tues thru Sun - 7:00 am - Dusk Mon only - 1:00 PM-DUsk PM LAFRENIERE BARK PARK RULES • CHILDREN UNDER 10 ARE PROHIBITED AND UNDER 16 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT • ALL DOGS MUST HAVE CURRENT RABIES AND OTHER VACCINES AS REQUIRED BY LAW • Please control your dog at all times. Aggressive behavior is not allowed. • Owners must remain inside fenced area, with leash in hand, and within view and voice control of their dogs at all times. • Please do not leave the Bark Park gate open. • Only small dogs (under 22 lbs) are allowed to use the small dog area. • Three (3) dogs maximum per visitor allowed in the Bark Park. • All dogs must be leashed when preparing to leave and once outside. • Agility equipment is for dog use only. Please do not climb or allow children to climb on equipment The following are NOT ALLOWED in the Bark Park • No unattended dogs. • No female dogs in heat. All un-neutered males must be closely supervised. • No sick dogs • No puppies under 4 months of age • No people food, no dog treats, no rawhide chews, etc. allowed • No glass containers • No spike or choke collars • No toys • No chasing dogs or playing with dogs without owner’s permission. • No running, jogging, bicycles, roller-blades, skateboards, strollers or scooters allowed. PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG AND DEPOSIT ALL LITTER IN TRASH RECEPTACLES


Located near the center of Lafreniere Park is the Carousel. It has 30 moving horses, a tiger, a zebra, and 2 chariots (1 handicapped accessble). It is 32 feet in diameter. Public sessions are available and the fee is $1 per rider. Private parties can be booked through the Park Office. Adjacent to the Carousel is picnic areas, a play area and the Spray Park.

Disc Golf Area

The disc golf area includes some of the more passive areas of the park. This is a FREE 18-hole disk course.

Foundation Center

The Foundation Center is a high use area of the park. It has a great view of the park and an outdoor patio area. This building is used for special events, such as parties, meetings, small weddings, etc. It has a small kitchen area with a refrigerator, microwave and warming oven. Maximum capacity: 100


The 2 mile Healthtrak is a wonderful asset to Lafreniere Park and is used by many daily. It also has 2 warmup areas - one near the Downs Entrance and one just east of the W. Napoleon Ave entrance. It is open to the public during Park Hours.

Maintenance Yard

The Maintenance Yard should include storage areas for material like sand, planting mix and mulch. The fence is a conspicuous feature adjacent to the Healthtrak and picnic site. Vehicular access is being redeveloped for efficiency.

Marsh Island

The marsh island is a very good area to sightsee and learn about the endemic flora and fauna of Louisiana, and is dedicated as a bird sanctuary, as is the entire park. This area is so different from the other areas found in the park, because of its natural vegetation and animal life living within. The park is working with state agencies to redevelop the marsh island area to more closely achieve the marshland objective of the original master plan. This will include improved circulation and aeration.

Multi-Use Fields

The multi-use fields are one of the heaviest used areas of the park, primarily used for soccer (5 fields). These are fields with limited shaded areas and no bleachers.

Open Meadow

The open meadow area is used as a large gathering area for special events, such as the Uncle Sam Jam, etc.. It is surrounded by hills and is the site of the proposed performance stage donated by the Copeland family.

Park Office

The Park Office is located on the eastern side of the Park. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am until 5:00 pm (Reservations are taken from 8 am until 4:30 pm). Call 504-838-4389 for information.

Patio Garden

This patio garden is located behind the Foundation Center. It offers outdoor enjoyment for parties held at the Foundation Center.

Pavilion Island

The Pavilion is a large structure located in the center of the Park and is surrounded by the lagoon. Band performances are held here while residents relax on the surrounding benches that face the lagoon.

Spray Park

The Spray Park, opened in 2012, is approximately 4,000 square feet of FUN for children 10 & under. It has 13 water features – 5 in-ground, 5 above ground and 3 water cannons which alternate between features and is located adjacent to the Carousel. Available for private parties, contact our office for details 838-4389.